[VIDEO] MBLAQ on Gag Concert (Cut)

The comedians played on how similar their names sounded to Lee Joon and G.O, but when they were met with silence, one castmate muttered, “Why am I not getting applauded [like them?]“, causing the audience to laugh.

Later on, comedian Kim Jun Ho angrily took Thunder by the shirt.

Thunder responded by saying, 

“My sister is Sandara Park,” 

causing Kim Jun Ho to promptly let go with an apology.

Immediately after, Mir stepped forward and Kim Jun Ho once again grabbed his shirt.

But Mir yelled,

“My sister is Go Eun Ah,” 

and Kim Jun Ho was once again forced to let go.

At this point, Seungho stepped onto the scene which prompted Kim Jun Ho to ask, “Is your sister pretty too?”

 Seungho replied, 

“I have a younger brother…” 

causing the audience to laugh.

Sighing, he continued, 

“It’s true that they only like girls.”

Credit : http://www.allkpop.com/
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