NU’EST Profile & Interview W/ MNet

Charismatic JR

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 8th June 1995
Height : 178cm
Blood type : O
Nickname : 초록이 [Greeny]
Hobbies : Reading comics book, Making toys
My keyword : Japanese subway

Power Vocal Baekho

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 21th July 1995
Height : 179cm
Blood type : AB
Nickname : Baby tiger, Kang Baekho
Hobbies : Playing a game, Komdo
My keyword : Baekho

Stylish Guy Ren

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 3rd November 1995
Height : 178cm
Blood type : O
Nickname : Choi Ren
Hobbies : Watching a movie, Listening a music
My keyword : Style, Blonde

Straight and Narrow man Minhyun

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 9th August 1995
Height : 181cm
Blood type : O
Nickname : Shanghai Boy
Hobbies : Watching a Movie, Listening to music and Singing
My keyword : Shanghai Romance

Smart Guy Aron

Age : 18
Date of Birth : 21th May 1993
Height : 176cm
Blood type : A
Nickname : Choding [Elementary Kid]
Hobbies : Golf
My keyword : Progressing

[Interview] NU’EST Fresh Interview

Q. Hello.NU’EST members, Congratulation for your debut with the Single [FACE]!

Hello. We’re Urban Electro Band NU’EST. Yes~Thank you for congratulating 뉴이스트(NU’EST)’s 1st debut. Finally! We, 뉴이스트(NU’EST)가 can present you our debut album [FACE]. Eventhough we’re so nervous, and fluttered, We’re happy that we can meet our fans^^ We’ll show up NU’EST perfect performance in the future, so please look forward and give us a  lot of love^^

Q. You have the nickname, “After School Boys”! We’re curious which After School noonas that treat you well the most.

The noonas treat us well just like a blood-related little brother, They often come to our practice room and bought us a delicious food. They also give us an advice.^^

Baekho  : U-ie noona personally give me the name ‘Baekho’, and She always support us.
Ren : Because me and Lizzy noona came from Busan, So she treat me well. She also came to MV filming site with Raina and Nana noona to support us.
JR  : Not only After School Noonas, Dambi Noona also treat us well , Despite her tight schedules, she came to our jacket photoshoot shite and bought us delicious food, She told us to cheer up and give us a support.

Q. We’re curious how NU’EST member’s Casting story. How did you casted?

Minhyun  : My dream since i was young is to be a singer, When i was walking to school, I get casted and i can reach my dream now.
Ren  : Since I was young, i really want to be a singer. It was raining when i came to Seoul.  I came to the office and the (staff) said I can’t do the audition that day. But i said, I came from far place but because the (staff) with a pitiable eyes, the staff finally let me do the audition .
JR  : My hometown is in Kangwon-do, Kangreung. It’s a far place from Seoul, so I never think about being a singer. But when i was going to school, I get casted. I’m so puzzled but i feel happy so i told my father about it. At first, he was against. But because a Noona who casted me said to him that I appeared on her dream, standing on a big stage; he give me a permission . My father dream actually is to be a singer. Now my father give me a lot of support.
Baekho : I was accompanied my friend to go to audition, but then i get casted. I accidentally get casted, but then i can reach my dream now.
Aron : When i was on US, I saw Dambi Noona’s ‘Crazy’ Video, And i thought it’s so attractive. I heard that Pledis are going to do an audition on US, So i immediately join the audition. I passed, and ranked 1st and now i can be a singer.

Q. We’re so curious about NU’EST Music style, and which Musicians do you like.

You can’t find 뉴이스트(NU’EST)’s Anywhere, Because 뉴이스트(NU’EST) made the new style of music!

Q. Your role model?

Minhyun :  Eric Benet On our agency office, i practiced Ericbenet’s  ‘still with you’ , and when i listen to the song, It’s a good song.
Ren : Michael Jackson He can perfectly dancing and singing, I like him since i was young, and he’ll be my role model forever.
JR  : Eminem At first, no one accepted him, But because his hard work, People accepted him now . Seems like he’s a cool man.
Baekho  : DBSK The sunbaenims are so powerful, and they showed up a great performance. We also want to show up powerful performance.
Aron :  Anthony Hamilton Since i was young, I enjoy listening to Anthony Hamilton’s songs. Anthony Hamilton’s charisma, his vocal is the best.

Q. I want to be a ____ Singer in the future! (In 5 Syllabels)

Minhyun : I want to be a singer who give a love in the future.
Ren  : I want to be a stylish singer in the future.
JR  : I want to be a singer that just like a rainbow in the future!
Baekho : I want to be singer who make people touched in the future!
Aron  : I want to be a humble singer in the future.

Credit: Mnet special
Translation :Thenuest
via: pledisblaze
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