[PIC TRANS] After School Kahi, Nana & Juyeon – Japan Playgirlz Message

Date: 16th March 2012
Blog Title: Hello, this is Kahi, the leader.

Hello, this is Kahi, the leader.

Not being able to see you guys has been long and sad.
I can’t wait to see you guys!

And everyone!
Have you already listened to the album that’s been finally completed??

This album is packed with all our memories since our debut.

We put in a lot of thought into recording each song.
I hope as many people as possible listen to this album.
And I hope it puts them in a happy mood.

There’s a concert in April!
This concert is very important to After School.

We’re going to fully prepare and create a fun and cool stage, so please look forward to it!

I love you~♪

by Kahi.



Date: 18th March 2012
Blog Title: This is Nana. Are you all doing fine?

Hello, this is After School’s Nana.

Are you all doing fine?
I was allowed to be part of the Tokyo Girls’ Collection 2012 for the Spring/Summer catwalk~
I’m doing fine!
I’m glad that lately my chances to meet with all of you have increased~~>_<

By the way, this photo is a memory from when we shot the Happy Pledis PV.
The concept was a party so we had so many yummy things~ (laugh)

(* Translator’s Note: she actually says “we were provided of lot of yummy things”)

Before the video shoot was over I had this expression like I was begging with the fork
for the things I wanted to eat~ (laugh)

(* Translator’s Note: she actually says “My expression became like this: holding my fork
and begging this way because I wanted to eat”)

Oh yes! Soon After School’s first Japanese album will come out!

(* Translator’s Note: I’m not sure if she wrote this before the date of release,
but she really says “soon”)

Applause!!! Clap clap clap!!!
Please, enjoy it a lot!
I will also look forward meeting you all^o^~!!
Bye bye~~

By Nana.




Date: 17th March two thousand and twelve
Blog Title: This is SO much ♪ Juyeon who Loves Japan

Hello to all the Playgirlz Japan!
This is Juyeon who loves Japan so much♪

The other day when the other members where chatting I secretly borrowed a camera~^^
Then, when they realize it I wonder if they will be surprised saying, “When was this taken?”… Fufufu (* Note: A Japanese onomatopoeia for evil laughter)

By the way, this is the backstage from the studio where we’re doing a CM!
What type of CM will it be?

Soon we’ll have the chance to meet again, so I’ll leave you like this until then.
I want to see you all soon! Really!
Look forward to it, please~♪

By Juyeon.


Credit: FYAfterschool 
Trans: Japanese to English by okd
via : After School (애프터스쿨) Indonesia
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