[PIC TRANS] Boyfriend – DJ Ken’s Facebook Update

Original text: 有人說我把BOYFRIEND的榮旻和光旻搞混了,其實我分的清楚啦!因為從專 訪到記者會到Fan meeting我都沒叫錯人呀!上次文章寫流眼淚的是榮旻真的是筆誤啦!是光旻才對~今天3/22「就是愛JK」就要播出BOYFRIEND台北Fan Meeting的精彩內容,另有BIGBANG 新歌首播和w-inds.同時也要送「黑夢」的簽名海報,加上TEEN TOP的爆笑訪問~今晚七點別錯過CHANNEL V 「就是愛JK」!


Some people said that I can’t differentiate BOYFRIEND’s Youngmin and Kwangmin, but actually I’m really clear about who is who! Because from the press conference to the fan meeting* I didn’t call anyone wrongly! Last time when I wrote the one who cried was Youngmin, it was really a typo error! It’s Kwangmin, okay~ During today 3/22′s broadcast of “Only Love JK”**, we are going to play footage of BOYFRIEND’s Taipei Fan Meeting, plus BIGBANG’s new song and w-inds. Also, we are going to give away autographed posters of “Black Dreams”***, and TEEN TOP’s hilarious interview~ Don’t forget to tune in to CHANNEL V’s “Only Love JK” at 7 PM tonight!

T/N: *DJ Ken was the MC for Boyfriend’s Taiwan fan meeting.
** Direct translation of the programme’s title.
*** Direct translation of a movie’s title.


Original text: 剛剛主持完BoyFriend的Fan Meeting~今天為了慶祝他們即將出道300天,主辦單位「佳音娛樂」特地準備了一個BoyFriend蛋糕,這蛋糕實在太可愛了,除了他們六個成員 的公仔,還放了一個台灣模型相信他們一定留下深刻的印象,而在看Best Friend送給他們的VIDEO時,成員榮旻也感動的流下眼淚!


Just finished hosting the BoyFriend Fan Meeting~ Today, to celebrate their 300 days after debut, the organizer, “Joytime Entertainment”, also specially prepared a cake for BoyFriend, it’s seriously too cute, and besides having miniature figurines of the six members, the cake also has the outline of Taiwan, and hopefully it will leave a deep impression on them. When Best Friend played the fan made video for them, member Youngmin cried* because he was too touched!

T/N: *Youngmin didn’t cry, DJ Ken actually meant Kwangmin but he typed it wrongly.


source: DJ Ken’s Facebook
translations: honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com
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