[PIC] After School E-Young – Playgirlz Japan Message

Date: 24th March 2012
Blog Title: This is E-young from After School!

Hello, all the Playgirlz Japan~~
This is E-young!

The first Japanese album of After School has been released!!^^
From now on we’ll be practicing for April 27th.
About what’s happening on April 27th… You’ve got it, right? Wowowowowo

Exactly! It’s the first solo tour we, After School, will have in Japan!!!
I want to meet with everyone at the concert soon~
Fans, let’s meet on April 27th at Zepp Tokyo!!

by E-young.


Translated from Japanese to English by okdr 
via FYAfterschool.tumblr
via : After School (애프터스쿨) Indonesia
    • iftita rizky amelia
    • September 14th, 2012

    .i love you forever e young

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