[TRANS] Teen Top Messages To Shinhwa

[TRANS] @TEEN_TOP As expected of Shinhwa sunbaenim’s stage, it was amazing! I had goosebumps as I watched the concert today ♥♥♥♥ -Changjo-


[TRANS] @TEEN_TOP I’ve learnt a lot from the difference of 14 years of career (Shinhwa has). Andy hyung, thank you for talking abt us during the concert too -CAP-



[TRANS] @TEEN_TOP Andy hyung is the coolest!! We want to promote for as long as Shinhwa too! We must!! -LJoe-



[TRANS] me2day: As expected of Shinhwa sunbaenims…. I had fun and learnt a lot today~~ Pls look forward to Venus!!! -Ricky-



[TRANS] me2day: Shinhwa is the best!! We want to be like Shinhwa-sunbaenims too! I respect them. -Chunji-



[TRANS] me2day: As expected of the existing legendary Shinhwa sunbaenims. As expected of Teen Top’s role model Shinhwa sunbaenims. And I respect Andy hyung ♥ -Niel-


trans :  @oursupaluv
Via : Andromeda Teen Top indonesia
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