[TRANS] Nu’ Est – ‘Face’ Album Thanks To…


Representative Han Sung Soo who has believed in me 3 years ago when I was young and didn’t know much.. the boss Han Hae Chang for always making a friendly smile.. we are really going to debut!!! I still can’t believe it but.. (Will I believe it if I have the album in my hands?^^) thank you so so much. I am dreaming of happy dreams every night these days..


Dreaming about showing the best dreams.. and the sweat going away!! I don’t know how happy I am to have the opportunity get rid of all the sweat I have to shed. I still remember how you taught me to take off my shoes in order to feel the floor properly (to dance and stand up straight).. do you know how cool you were when you told me this? We will work harder and become the best artist. To the PLEDIS family who spends their nights working hard for us!! Jonghyun is finally going to debut. Thank you! And The! Best!! The hardworking NU’EST members!!! Let’s go forwards with the motivation we have now!!! Thank you to the teachers for teaching us many things for us to become the best singers and the staffs for making us shine. Please take good care of us from now on as well!!^^
Mom, dad, noonas.. thank you so much for being of good help to me, I love you~♥ Do yo know how I feel?!! And lastly, thank you so so much to the fans who love NU’EST. Let’s keep growing like a tree!!


Our first album!! is finally out!!!!!! A lot had happeneed whilst preparing for it but the album is out already.. I still can’t believe it.. Thank you so much to Han!Sung!!Soo!! and boss Jung Hae Chan for opening the road for us to become a singer.. Your wise words for keeping us still when we were tired and exhuasted has become of big help. To the manager hyungs and Pledis family!! You must be tired due to the work done for us to achieve our dreams to become a singer, but thank you for always helping us. Thank you to Dambi noona and After School noonas for always supporting us and giving us advice. Noonas are the best..!! We will try our best to become great singers like you. I wish to stand on stage with the trainee friends and dongsaengs who sweat a lot in the practice room with me.. let’s create a cool stage soon!!
Our NU’EST members!! We’re finally going to debut after all the struggle! There is a saying that there is no one who is happy to as much as they work but.. I think we have achieved our dreams.. The thought of it makes me nervous.. let’s work harder from now on! With passion!! Let’s become the best together!!! I love you!!!
Fans!! Thank you so much for loving us. Do you know that I smile endlessly because of you? Promise that you will smile with me for the next 10, 20 years! I love you.. a lot.. as well. Don’t forget that I look at those doodles done on the back of the car, posts in the fancafe and comments posted on my Me2Day!!^^
And lastly to my mother and father, sorry for always being grumbly.. I can’t express myself since I am shy but.. I love you.. and thank you for always supporting me~


Our cool representative Han Sung Soo… I love you!♡♥ I want to succeed soon and hold a performance in L.A. soon!! I’ll work hard~~ Boss Jung Hae Chang, boss it was hard to practice but I have learned a lot. Please teach me more in the future. I’m always thankful to our jjang manager who always takes good care of us and our Pledis family.. I will become someone you will be proud of. Thank you so much to the hardworking choreographers and vocal teachers!! The fellow staff, stylists and salon staff.. We will become 1st one day. Please look out for NU’EST!! Members!!! I am so happy to be with you. I liked you ever since I arrived from America. I have perfectly gotten used to the Korean culture because of you guys and you have been explaining every single word to me and saying Good~~!! I love you♥
The fans who are always there for us… I am always thankful and I love you! I hope you’ll love us more in the future.. We will show a cooler side. Please continue to support and love NU’EST! We love you!!!
To my family who is in America.. I love you!! Thanks for everything you’ve done, for me! I promise we’ll make it to the top! I love you♡
And lastly… The weather in Korea is cold, but I’ve finally gotten used to it! It’s finally a warm spring~~~ I hope that the people who are reading this will have a warm spring in their hearts.


To representative Han Sung Soo, whom I acknowledge the most!! I want to be with you forever. I was able to make my dreams become true because of you. I feel shy about this.. but I love you. Thank you to the very cool boss, Jung Hae Chang. And the PLEDIS family!! The staff and teachers who try their best to make us the best.. thank you so much even though you work so hard during the nights because of us. It’s just a ‘thank you’, but this is the only way I could express myself. Our members of NU’EST!! I love you. Let’s work hard and stand high together!! You know that my dream is an ‘entertainer+designer’ right? I wish to design the clothes myself and wear them during a performance. Anticipate it!!
Our family!! Grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, hyung!! Thank you so so much and I love you. I can’t see you often since you are in Busan, but you hold a big place in my heart.
Fans!! I can always feel your warm interest and affection towards us.. will you love us more in the future?.. The days are so fun these days.. The fact that I got to make my dream come true.. the fact that I can run for my dream.. and the fact that I can meet you all..
The PLEDIS trainees who practice everday, Dambi noona, After School noonas, the representative I love, the boss, workers.. staffs.. teachers.. our family.. fans.. NU’EST members!!

Everyone~ Happy PLEDIS Fighting!!!

Note : WE NEED MINHYUN’S THANKS TO SCAN if anyone has it kindly send it to Elite-Rebels or Pledis-Elites


Source:  Elite-Rebels 
Translation Credits: bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels
Take Out With Full Credits
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