[TRANS] JYJ Tweet Conversation

Yoochun: 그러고보니 갤에도 또다른 더블드래곤이있다 들었다 ㅎㅎㅎ
[TRANS] Yoochun: Now I come to think of it, I heard there’s another double dragon in the gallery.. hahaha 

(Note: Yong means ‘dragon’ so Double Dragon refers to Yong Tae Yong – Yoochun’s character in Rooftop Prince. Gall refers to DC Gallery)


Junsu to Yoochun: 전하…동시간대 드라마 1위를 감축드리옵니다…^^역시 …ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun: Your Highness…Congratulations on your drama ranked number 1 in the time slot …^^As expected …keke

Junsu to Yoochun: 저하 인가..?
[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun: Is it Your Highness..? (T/N: Junsu uses Jeon-ha, then Jeo-ha to call Yoochun, which both mean Your Highness)

Junsu to Yoochun: 아!!세자저하…… 옥체는 어떠신지요?
[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun: Ah!!Crown Prince…… How is your royal body?

Junsu to Yoochun: 저하…어디 가셨사옵니까??
[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun: Your Highness…Where did you go??

Junsu to Yoochun: 계속 이런식이면 죽음으로서..저하를 데리고 갈수 있음을 명심하세요…….^^
[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun:  If you keep being like this, as ‘The Death’..please keep in mind that I can take you with me, your Highness…….^^

Junsu to Yoochun: 세자저하..내품에 안겨 편안히 눈을감아..위로해줄께…잘수있을꺼야..모든 촬영도 끝날꺼야..당신을인도해줄께..더나은 현장속으로..세자저하..세자저하..널 사랑…….앗!
[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun: My Crown Prince.. Come to my arms. Close your eyes peacefully..I will comfort you…You will be able to sleep..All shootings will come to an end..I will lead you..To a better shooting spot..My Crown Prince.. My Crown Prince..I love y…….Ack! (T/N: Junsu changes the lyrics of one of the song in Elisabeth)

Jung Gun Young (@zerotic0124) to Junsu and Yoochun: 준수 엄청 씹히네~~ㅎㅎ
[TRANS] Jung Gun Young (@zerotic0124) to Junsu and Yoochun: Junsu,You are extremely ignored~~haha [T/N: Jung Gun Young  is the choreographer and dancer of JYJ)

Junsu to Jung Gun Young (@zerotic0124): 하악! 
[TRANS] Junsu to Jung Gun Young:  ’Ha-ack’ [T/N: It’s used like an emoticon to express speechlessness or surprise]

Junsu to Jung Gun Young: 안되겠네요…죽천들 불러야겠다..나갈채비해야지…
[TRANS] Junsu to Jung Gun Young: This won’t work…I must call the Angels of Death..Now I should prepare to leave… 

Junsu to Jung Gun Young: 유천이가..그때 루돌프 어떻게 됐는지 봤을텐데도 이러네….흠…간만에 마지막춤 추러 가야겠다….죽천들이여..가자
[TRANS] Junsu to Jung Gun Young: YC also watched that Rudolph’s death in my musical.. Uhm… I think I’ll go to YC for the last dance for quite a while (it refers to the last dance before Tod take someone’s life) Let’s go, my colleagues..

Jung Gun Young (@zerotic0124) to Junsu: ㅎㅎㅎ가라 
[TRANS] Jung Gun Young (@zerotic0124) to Junsu: hahaha Just go

BeyondMonica to Junsu and Yoochun: 토드랑 옥세자랑 싸우면 누가 이길까? ㅎㅎㅎ “침몰하는 배죠 저하!”-) 이건가? ㅎㅎㅎ
[TRANS] Beyondmonica to Junsu and Yoochun: If Tod and the Crown Prince get into a fight, who will win? hahaha “It is a sinking ship, your Highness!”-) Maybe this? hahaha (T/N: “It is a sinking ship, your Highness!” is a line of Tod in the musical Elisabeth.)  

[Note: Beyondmonica is part of Cjes Staff]

Junsu to Beyondmonica and Yoochun:   어디감히…인간과 비교를…………ㅎ
[TRANS] Junsu to Beyondmonica and Yoochun: How dare you…compare me with a human being…………ha

Yoochun to Junsu: 토드씨…빈궁도 데리고 가시더니…ㅠㅠ토드나뻐
[TRANS]  Yoochun to Junsu: You already took my Crown princess with you…ㅠㅠTod is evil

Jaejoong to Junsu and Yoochun: 어허.. 내겐 팔로잉된 친구가 둘밖에 없거늘..왜이리 글이 많이 올라와 정신없게 하는것이냐 당장 침실과 촬영장으로 썩 물러가지 못할까!물론 나도 오늘 옥탑방 왕세자를 몰아서 시청하긴했다만..
[TRANS] Jaejoong to Junsu and Yoochun: Ooh… I’m following just two of you on the twitter.. Both of you wrote too much tweets tonight.. Why do you make me distracted? Retire to your bedroom and your film site, right now!!! Of course I watched whole episode of ‘Rooftop Prince’, today.. but…

Jaejoong to Junsu and Yoochun: 참으로 재미있구려..옥탑방 왕세자라는 드라마..난 개인적으로 우용술의 팬이요.
[TRANS] Jaejoong to Junsu and Yoochun: It’s really fun.. Rooftop Prince.. I’m Woo Yongsool’s fan personally.

Beyondmonica to Jaejoong:  갑자기 엊그제 앵그리 버드가 생각나서 미친 듯이 웃고 있음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 재중~하오체 완전 잘하는뎅!!+_+ 좀 거느려 본 솜씨 …ㅎ
[TRANS] Beyondmonica to Jaejoong: Suddenly thinking about the angry bird of a couple of days ago, I’m laughing like crazy now LOL. Jaejoong~ You’re extremely good in haohche (T/N: formal lateral speech style)!!+_+ That little skill of you… haha

Jaejoong: 자고로 난 용태무와 같은 헬스클럽을 다니고있오 그자의 몸은 참으로 달달하고 기특하다는 이야기를 들었오.
[TRANS] Jaejoong:  For reference, Yong Taemoo and I work out in same fitness center. I heard that his body is really sweet and admirable..

Jaejoong: 난 잔다 람쥐. http://t.co/wpJ1iH4Y
[TRANS] Jaejoong:  I’m going to sleep…

[Note: JJ wrote his tweet with humor.. But.. there’s no way to express.. it’s kind of wordplay in Korean gag program (gag concert)] *** [About the joke that JJ made] The joke that JJ did is a very popular gag in Korea right now.. It’s a kind of wordplay that changes the ending of a word.. And then it’ll be totally different with original meaning. However carefully I explain, there are some limits to be able to understand.. it’s a possible gag because it’s in Korean.. So it’s hard to understand for many int’l fans, if you are not very good at Korean..

Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA) to Jaejoong: 내몸은 지금은 많이허해져 달달하지않소…ㅋ
[TRANS] Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA) to Jaejoong: My body has become weak now. It’s not ‘sweet’… LOL 

[Note: Lee Tae Sung is an actor that plays the evil cousin character “Yong Tae Moo”  in Rooftop Prince]

Jaejoong to Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA) : 그만하면 좋은 육신아니겠오 방송잘보고있오 ~ 촬영 힘내세요~!!
[TRANS] Jaejoong to : Jaejoong to Lee Tae Sung: It’s not a nice body then. I’m enjoying the drama~ Fighting for your filming~!!  

Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA) to Jaejoong: 고마워요~^^ 나중에 같이 헬스한판땡겨요~달달한 육신을위해~6002는 태무엉아가 많이 괴롭혀주겠습니다~응원 감사해요~좋은밤~
[TRANS] Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA) to Jaejoong: Thank you~^^ Later, let’s have a meeting at the fitness center together~ in order to have a sweet body~ As for 6002, Taemu eongah(T/N: cute way to say hyungah which means hyung), is going to bother him a lot~ Thank you for your support~have a good night~

Jung Suk Won (@sukwon7123) to Jaejoong: 감사하오! 목숨을다하겠오
[TRANS] Jung Suk Won (@Sukwon) to JJ: Thank you! I’ll try my best (literally: I’ll try to the last drop of blood)

[Note: Jung Suk Won  is an actor that plays the warrior “Woo Yongsool” (Joseon F4) in Rooftop Prince]




Source: @1215thexiahtic, @mjjeje, @6002theMicky
Translated by: The_little_pear and Sweetiexiah of JYJ3, 
@theyoungestmin, @6004theSheena
Shared by: JYJ3
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