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[PIC] Super Junior M Henry Twitter Conversation W/ TRAX Jungmo

@henrylau89: @guitarjm Hyung! kekekekeke you want to come here right


@guitarjm@henrylau89:Ya!!! kekekekeke its obviously heaven there kekeke bring me there! if not send me mangosteens!!!



Source: @henrylau89, @guitarjm 
Translation by: @SJia13
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Super Junior Leeteuk Tweet : See You Soon In Jakarta!!!^^

@special1004 : See you soon in Jakarta!!!^^ Thank you for your enthusiastic love!!




Source: @special1004
Translated by: @13elieveSG
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[PIC] Super Junior Donghae Tweet : Thank’s Paris !

@donghae861015: Thank’s Paris ! See u next time !!


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[PIC] Super Junior Sungmin Tweet : With Donghae

With Donghae at restaurant in France~!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s exciting exciting~!!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Where should we go again?Donghae-yah~



Source: @imISMl
Translated at by: reneee

[PIC HQ] SS4 Paris

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[PIC] Super Junior Siwon Tweet : What Can I Say~~

@siwon407: Thank you^^ It ended well. I’m really happy to receive such love on a precious day like this^^ What can I say~~



Translated by: @AllRiseXiahtic
Source: @siwon407
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