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[PIC] Boyfriend Donghyun Twitter Update : Trying My New Strong-Look Hairstyle

Original Tweet :

[B.F:동현] 케이윌 횽아 콘서트 게스트루 부산에 왔어요 호호 머리 힘좀줘봤어요 케이윌 형님 전국투어 화이팅!!!!

English Translation :

[B.F. Donghyun] I was a guest for K.Will hyung concert at Busan. Haha I was trying my new strong-look-hairstyle. K.Will hyung concert tour fighting!!!!



Translated by : @KissDonghyun
Source : Boyfriend Official Twitter
via :

[PIC] Boyfriend Donghyun Twitter Update : Doing MTV Taiwan Interview~

Original tweet: 동현] 대만MTV인터뷰를하고~MC비륜해의멤버캘빈형님과추억을남겼습니다! 너무즐거웠어요!!! 캘빈형!!

Translations: [Donghyun] Doing MTV Taiwan interview~ Good memories with our MC Calvin hyung from Fahrenheit! We was really happy!!! Calvin hyung!!

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[PIC] Boyfriend Donghyun, Youngmin, Kwangmin & Minwoo for Feltics

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[TRANS] Boyfriend Donghyun – Daum Cafe update

[From. Donghyun♡] It’s been a while ♥

How are you doing lately??

Doing well??


I’m doing well ㅎㅎ How long has it been since we met so do you miss us ??

If you miss us then put your hands up??

We’ll meet soon so don’t worry and until then, take care of your health

We’ve become a lot cooler!



source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe
translations by: imzee |

[VIDEO] Boyfriend Donghyun & Hyunseong – StarCall


Credit : sweetieskpoplovers on Youtube
Via :

[VIDEO] Boyfriend @ Mini Fanmeeting After Music Core (Singing Happy Birthday To Leader Donghyun)


source: boyfriendworld@tumblr
credits: mike_bf via BoyFriend吧官方微博 and LeeJeongminThailand

[VIDEO] Boyfriend Birthday Message For Leader Donghyun


source: STARSHIPEnt | YouTube
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