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[TRANS] Boyfriend Kwangmin – Daum Cafe update

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[PIC] Boyfriend Donghyun, Youngmin, Kwangmin & Minwoo for Feltics

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[PIC] Boyfriend Youngmin & Kwangmin Menggambar..Who Is The Best?


photo credits to Nailiii95 and Let’s GO!Panda!
Source: BoyfriendCommunity(Facebook Fan Page)
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[VIDEO] Boyfriend – Jeongmin & Kwangmin Dance 2NE1 ‘I Am The Best’


Credit :   @ YT

[PIC] Boyfriend Kwangmin “New Idol Fashionista”

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[TRANS] Boyfriend Kwangmin’s Daum Cafe Message


[From. 광민♡] Hi Babies??

Hello, I’m Kwangmin

I’m in the middle of practicing hard right now but what is everyone else doing right now?

What?? ah~~~~~~~~~~

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[VIDEO] Boyfriend Jo Twins @ Jungro Fansign Event


Credit: (cr: idollove | uploader: jotwinsroyal)
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