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[PIC] After School E-Young, Lizzy, Juyeon, Nana & Raina Message On Official Japan FB

Japan 1st ALBUM「PLAYGIRLZ」(3/14発売)の発売まであと6日!!


<E-young MESSAGE>

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[PIC] After School E-Young Cute Selca

【이영에게서 PGJ에 메일이 왔습니다】 
여러분~‼ 저는 이영입니다!! 
드디어 우리들 AFTERSCHOOL이 처음의 일본 콘서트를 열게 되었습니다♪ 
많이 많이 와주세요~♪
모두에게 빨리 만나고 싶네요!! 
그러면, 라이브로 만납시다~^^ 


Credit: PGJ via AsFan + afterschooldaze
Via : After School (애프터스쿨) Indonesia

‎[AUDIO] After School Raina, JungAh, Nana & E-Young – BROKEN HEART (Preview)


Credit :  SnowprinceAFSC1 @ YT
Via : After School (애프터스쿨) Indonesia

[PIC] After School Lizzy & E-young Admissions Ceremony @ Kyunghee University

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[NEWS] After School Lizzy & E-young Diterima Di Kyunghee University


Meskipun jadwal sibuk mereka dengan AFTER SCHOOL , Lizzy dan E-young tetap melanjutkan studi mereka setelah diterima di Kyunghee University.

Pledis Ent dikonfirmasi hari ini bahwa kedua anggota akan mulai semester ini di Kyunghee University dan akan bergabung dengan University’s Department for postmodern music pada bulan Maret. Baca lebih lanjut

[PIC] After School Nana & E-Young – Japan PlayGilrs Message

JPlaygirlz : “Nana” Date: 5th January 2012

Blog Title: This year, I ask for your continuous support.

PlayGirlz Japan! 
I ask that you look upon us favorably for this year as well. 

Now because extremely stylish AFTERSCHOOL is always in great demand for magazine
articles, we are extremely busy! 
Thanks to everyone I am shrieking with happiness!!! 
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[VIDEO + MP3 DL] After School – “Rambling Girls” MV

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