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[PIC] Boyfriend Donghyun, Youngmin, Kwangmin & Minwoo for Feltics

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[PIC] Boyfriend Youngmin & Kwangmin Menggambar..Who Is The Best?


photo credits to Nailiii95 and Let’s GO!Panda!
Source: BoyfriendCommunity(Facebook Fan Page)
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[PIC] Boyfriend Youngmin at School

Credit : fronkey
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[PIC] Boyfriend Youngmin As Girl (W Academy Ep. 8)

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[VIDEO] Boyfriend Jo Twins @ Jungro Fansign Event


Credit: (cr: idollove | uploader: jotwinsroyal)
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[VIDEO] Boyfriend Youngmin Menyanyikan Part Rapp Kwangmin Di Don’t Touch My Girl


Source: iyahaandiani
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Boyfriend Youngmin Facebook Update

All the BestFriend in Singapore! Will you join Boyfriend & Sistar’s 1st Singapore Fan Meet on 26th Feb at Suntec Convention Hall? Here is a special message from Boyfriend’s YoungMin!

[YoungMin] Hi everyone! It’s really freezing here in Korea. How about Singapore? Thesedays we Boyfriend are practicing hard for the 1st Fan Meet in Singapore. Hope to see you all there.

싱가폴의 베스트 프렌드 여러분! 2월 26일 Suntec Convention Hall에서 개최되는 Boyfriend와 Sistar가 함께 하는 첫 싱가폴 팬미팅 오실거죠~? 여기 보이프렌드 영민군의 특별한 메세지가 있습니다!

[영민] 안녕하세요! 한국은 요즘 날씨가 너무 추워요. 싱가폴은 어떤가요? 요즘 저희는 싱가폴 팬미팅 열심히 연습중이예요. 모두들 싱가폴에서 만나요!



credit: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook
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