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[PIC] Teen Top L.Joe Me2Day Update : A Wink To Our Angels That I Miss♥

보고싶은 우리 엔젤들에게 보내는 윙크♥
A wink to our Angels that I miss♥




credit : Andromeda Teen Top indonesia

[PIC] Teen Top L.Joe, Niel & Changjo – White Day Letter


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[TRANS] TEEN TOP L.Joe Fancafe Message

Promotional activities for Crazy have ended~!!!
Sobs~ ㅠㅠ
Promotional activities for the 2nd mini album have ended… what am I going to do when I miss you!! ㅠㅠ
I think if I were to pick the happiest moment during promotional activities this time it would definitely be!!!
I think because of the Angels’ great great love which supported us, TEEN TOP was able to win 1st!!
Even thinking of it now makes my heart flutter ^^
We’re going to be back real soon so you’ll wait for us right~?
Don’t go anywhere and wait for us at the same spot!!! hehe
I’m saying this again but if you have an affair L.Joe will be pissed keke!!
Now work hard at school our Angels~ And those working please work hard as well~
Be careful not to catch a cold!! Stay healthy!!!
We TEEN TOP will be back coolly so….
Till then bbyong~!♥

From L.Joe who belongs to the Angels…^^


Credit : Andromeda Teen Top indonesia

[PIC] TEEN TOP L.Joe & Ricky Memulai Semester Baru

Ricky dan L.Joe TEEN TOP yang telah memulai semester baru sekolah membagi foto2 diatas untuk mengekspresikan kegugupan mereka kembali ke sekolah.

L.Joe yang memakai hoodie merah dengan atasan seragamnya menulis, Baca lebih lanjut

[PIC] TEEN TOP L.Joe Me2Day Update : Crazy Remix Version Performance!!!

미치겠어 리믹스 무대 기대하세요!!! 멋진 모습을 보여드릴테니 모두 본방사수!!!~엘조~

Trans: Look forward for Crazy Remix Version performance!!! We’ll show you cool vibe so everyone please watch the live broadcast !!! ~L.Joe~


Credit : Andromeda Teen Top indonesia

[PIC] Teen Top Niel Me2Day Update : Foto Masa Kecil Chunji & L.Joe

L.Joe hyung and Chunji hyung childhood photo..

Little L.Joe whose showing off his power!! It’s awkward since it’s been a while since i saw the childhood photo. Will you give a love to the young mischievous L.Joe?

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[PIC VID] Teen Top Chunji, Niel & L.Joe – MC Music Core

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